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What is a conscious enterprise?

What is a conscious enterprise? by Dominique Conterno (2020) Enterprises, from a single employee to large corporations, are the number one greatest organiser of human effort on the planet. When looking at the sheer number of hours people spent in businesses in their lifetime, it becomes obvious that we are observing the only human institution that has the scale required to tackle some of the great obstacles to long-term human thriving. The philosophical irony associated with many of those obstacles is that they were created by us doing business unconsciously. This specific angle leads us to the important question: if we have created an ill-functioning society by operating unconsciously, then can we redress errors from the past and create a new world that displays the right qualities for the well-being of all human kind. To help us at responding to the last question, we need to look at the following aspects: Purpose Stakeholders Culture Leadership In ter