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Conscious Leadership By Vanessa Poolian (2020) More than ever before, it is necessary to shift into a new paradigm concerning business ethics, operations and principles. Existing business structures are no longer sustainable on a long term basis, and more and more, leaders are exploring new ways in order to balance the welfare of their teams with creating revenue, that is not engineered from corrupt methods that exist within some large corporations at their highest levels. At the moment, the closest conscious structure that we have in place, is to provide employees with corporate responsibility programmes, which assist in mental health and well-being. As proven, these methods are short term and short lived i.e. they do not address the root cause to why many employees fall sick each year and are unfulfilled with their roles. Personally, I can see that many people are attempting to relive the current ways of operating in business, but I can also see that this is clearly not working for t