Work Life Balance - Isn’t it just common sense? (like so many things!)

Work Life Balance - Isn’t it just common sense? (like so many things!)
By Jiten Patel (2016)

I came across this article from the Institute of Directors about smart ways to improve work-life balance.

What struck me was that the tips being provided are just basic common sense. How often is it that we do not apply common sense creatively to create better and more successful working environments?
This long weekend, for me, has been a classic example. Whilst I have not formally allocated time for work, I reversed my normal working pattern so that I was spending my ‘working time’ in family and personal pursuits and my, so called, spare time catching up on snippets of work so I don’t have such a backlog to deal with when I go back.

It also helps when your work ceases to be work! What do I mean by that? Well, when I considered it, the idea of someone who is an ardent football fan and spends a great proportion of their time watching / spectating, came to mind. If they were paid to become a commentator; to serve in the stands; to assist in players' area, or even to play on the pitch(!) – work may no longer be work; rather, a contribution to the great institution of soccer. Or, for another person….it can be just a job, a chore.
Do you love what you do, or what you know you are contributing to?

What are your experiences and examples of work-life balance or work vs passion/calling?
Work life balance is but one facet of Equality Diversity and Inclusion.  More information can be found in my book, Demystifying Diversity - a Handbook to Navigate Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


  1. You are right that it is indeed common sense (which, as we all know, is rather uncommon, especially when we are on a commercial treadmill). Permit me to share this here:


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