Is there a more productive and profitable way to run organisations?

By Elisabeth Godin (2021)

Individuals are evolving rapidly to a higher level of consciousness, organisations need to follow and create soulful workplaces if they want to survive and thrive.

Something is broken with the way we run organisations today. You see the same statistics repeatedly about happiness at work. A study conducted by Gallup found that two third of employees feel disengaged with their work. They show up with their bodies but not with their heart and this seems to be true at all levels.

With the level of stress soaring, we are increasingly seeing organisations taking initiatives toward employees’ wellbeing. This is brilliant news, but these measures are an attempt to fix the person rather than diving in deep at the heart of the problem and looking at the company itself. Initiatives such as mindfulness, yoga, conscious leaderships, are all very useful, but it is the infrastructures, the processes, the management that need to change. It is great to heal a fish from bacteria he caught in dirty water but if you put it back in the same dirty water it is just an endless battle with only small and temporary improvements.

Organisations like Zappos and Google have new structures that provide an environment for growth, creativity, trust, motivation and engagement. As Google put it: “The problem is, most companies today are run to minimise risk, not maximise freedom and speed”.

As humans we are organic, flowing beings. You can unleash incredible power of creativity and productivity if you create an organization that has a strong purpose and a fluid strategy. An organisation where people can act and speak from the heart, be authentic, creative, and live their own live purpose while aligning to the overall purpose of the organisation. This would create limitless potential and innovative ideas that could not be born under a more traditional structure but most importantly it would bring back humanity where it is so needed.

We believe in a clear purpose: To inspire, shape and grow conscious organisations, so that people enjoy purpose, creativity and wellbeing at work.


Our way of being runs deeply through everything we do, and we stay true to what we believe matters and makes a difference:


Authenticity: We genuinely believe that each and every one of us has something unique to offer to the world. It is this uniqueness that creates the richness of our differences and leads to genius ideas. For us, authenticity is the courage to express yourself fearlessly whilst inspiring others around you.


Evolution: Our personal growth is something that we passionately protect. We see true transformation as being less about the destination, and more about the journey. One thing we are sure of is that we never have all the answers, but we understand the power of creating the way forward and finding solutions together.


Connectedness: Connecting deeply with the people and communities around us creates a true sense of belonging, it’s a human need. We know relationships are precious, they are at the heart of wellbeing and happiness. No matter what, we give the people around us the best of ourselves and make sure our relationships are nurtured and treasured, always.


Happiness: Life is better when it’s filled with fun, joy and kindness. An inner feeling of contentment which can only be discovered through deep compassion for ourselves and others. We honour our true emotions because they matter, and we stay attuned to what we think, feel and say. After all people remember not what you say, but how you make them feel, and for us, this is where the magic happens.


Elisabeth Godin, Co-Founder at The Business Buddha


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